Page Fourteen: Axonometry
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
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and other material from my previous trips to and present residence in Italy.
Page One: Sketches from 2004 travels
Page Two: Rome Sketchbook I
Page Four: Art exhibit
in Cetona (Siena)
Page Five: P L U G L I A   (1)
Page Seven: Essay on Raphael's Transfiguration
Page Three: Drawing the human figure
Page Ten: The piazza as threshold
Page Eleven: The earthquake in Abruzzo
Page Six: P L U G L I A    (2)    
Watercolors 1
Watercolors 2
Page Eight: Isola Tiberina
Page Nine: Museo Altemps
Page Thirteen: The Terrace of the Infinite
Page Fifteen:  Roman Towers
Page Sixteen:  Torre delle
Milizie ...or Nero's Tower
Page Seventeen:
Los silencios de Roma
Watercolors 3
Page Eighteen:  Ostia Antica
San Giovanni in Laterano
Watercolors of Italy
Watercolors 4
Oleo SanPietro1
Naples Sketchbook I
Acqua Felice
Hercules...and the Building of Rome
Watercolors 5
Watercolors 6
Las Dos Sicilias
Page Nineteen: ARA
PACIS of Augustus
Page Twenty:  Drawing the
Martyrdom of St. Andrew  I
Page Twenty-one:  Drawing the
Martyrdom of St. Andrew  II