The page to the left, from
one of my sketch books,
shows a recent pencil
drawing from the old
Roman Forum. Although
most visitors to Rome
barely pay attention to the
many Medieval towers that
still stand tall throughout
the City, I recently began a
personal project to draw
these handsome structures
in my sketchbook, while
reading the History of Rome
in the Middle Ages by
German author Ferdinand
(1821-1891). Click
view more....
The pen & ink drawing
of these arches from one
of Rome's 11 or 12
famous aqueducts gave
me a rich opportunity
to understand the
various types of stone,
brick, and cement
layerings that
constitute these grand
structures.  Please
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image itself to see more.
Santa Maria in Aracoeli
color pencil on paper   11 "   x  17 "
Welcome to my web page, dedicated to the
display and description of my original artwork
and writings.

My name is José Grave de Peralta,
and  I am a Cuban-born artist residing in Rome.
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Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
José Grave de Peralta
Cinema Encanto in Camagüey, Cuba
pastel  19 "  x   25 "
Private collection
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Joseph and his brothers
(Genesis 37:21-24)
pastel on paper  25 " x  19 "
Private collection
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To create the painting on the left, below, I went to childhood
memories and family stories of my native town in Cuba. Please
HERE to
This pastel painting on
right, inspired in the
Biblical story of the
Twelve Tribes, is one
of many religious
subjects also in my
repertoire. Click  
HERE to view others.
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The Milvian Bridge
color pencil on paper   11 "   x  17 "
The Crucifixion of St. Andrew
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pencil on paper
23 cm  x  41cm
The Arch of Constantine
watercolor  9  "   x    12 "
Private Collection           
Castel dell'Ovo
color pencil on paper   11 "   x  14 "
To view my drawings of the ARA PACIS : the altar of
PEACE of Emperor Augustus
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